October 31

Katy Reads

The TJH library sponsored a field trip to Katy Reads on Saturday, October 28th.

We had over 60 students participate!

Students enjoyed meeting award winning author, Jason Reynolds.

They also had fun participating in all of the literacy activities offered at Katy Reads!

September 18

RIF & Katy Reads

The TJH Library kicked off our first reading incentive program of the year called Read it Forward.  This program has been combined with Katy Reads.  Students that read a book by Jason Reynolds will be invited to go on a field trip to Katy Reads on October 28th.  The students will have the opportunity to hear Jason Reynolds speak and participate in lots of other fun activities.  The books that were dropped for RIF include Ghost, As Brave as You, and The Boy in the Black Suit.  Please see the library staff for more information.

May 26

KISD Summer Reading Challenge

It is our goal to have every secondary student in Katy ISD reading during the summer months.  Students choose books they want to read! Check out the KISD Summer Reading Challenge Website at http://elasummerreading.weebly.com/  for more information.

How does the challenge work?

  • Students should read books that interest them! Students will get a text message on Tuesdays with some suggestions; they don’t have to read those – they are just an option. Students can also look on the “Lists and Resources” tab of this website for more suggestions.  Be sure to keep track of what is read. Text messages will be sent on Sundays as a reminder to log any books that have been read.   Please see the attachment for more information on signing up for text messages.
  • Be sure to tweet about summer reading! Use the hashtag #katyisdreads.

May 17

RIF Author Visit

Tays Junior High was excited to host our Read it Forward author, PJ Hoover, on Tuesday May 16th.  Students that read one of her books were invited to attend her author visit.  The books were Tut: The Story of My Immortal Life, The Emerald Tablet, and Solstice.  The TJH 6th Grade Book club was invited to eat lunch with her before the author presentation.  Thank you Mrs. Hoover for such a wonderful day!

May 11

Library Books Due May 19th

All Library books are due Friday, May 19th.  Students must turn in their library books before leaving for summer break.

Don’t forget that you may check out eBooks and audiobooks over the summer.

Either download the Destiny Discover app on your device or go to www.destinydiscover.com to access these digital resources.

May 4

Upcoming Deadlines


The 5,000 page Challenge ends Friday, May 12th.  That is the last day to turn in your 5,000 page reading log for prizes. 

Be sure to stop by the library if you have completed the challenge, but haven’t received your prizes yet.

Outside lunch will be held on May 17th.

The ice cream party will be held on May 25th


Read it Forward will be coming to an end on Friday, May 12th.  The author, PJ Hoover, will be visiting our school on Tuesday, May 16th

Students that have read any of her books will get to go to her author presentation.  Don’t forget to stop by the library and let the library staff know if you have read one of her books. 

If you don’t, you won’t be invited to the author visit.  The Read it Forward books are Tut: The Story of My Immortal Life, The Emerald Tablet, and Solstice

All you have to do is read one of these titles to be eligible to participate in the author visit.